table and stools


Both Salvaged, Table a 1950s yuk and and the stools 90s




This was an old  discarded  metal base and Vintage table top wood. The base was rubbed back and ttained and and wood sanded and waxed. This is a one of a kind piece made by us. You could place almost anything on it as it is extremely solid. It is quite heavy too

Height 65cm

Width 55cm

Length / Bench Top 150cm

We pride our selves on recycling materials and turning them into one off pieces that are cool and good for the environment.

Butchers block

$ 300 AUD
This is a discarded old Brisbane Carpenters block that has been recreated into a Butchers block. Stained and waxed.(see pics) Use it in the kitchen or anywhere. You could place almost anything on it as it is extremely solid. The square Australian witsure bolts are worth a lot on their own and are as rare as hens teeth. This is 100% made/refurbished from local wood.

Height 100cm

Width 60 cm Square

Depth/ Bench Top 76 cm

Industrial shelving


Handmade from salvaged materials from Brisbane is this unique, one of a kind very solid shelf. Would look great with plants on it or books etc. Using beautiful reclaimed Cedar wood it looks amazing in the flesh and needs a strong individual to carry it.

Height 105 cm

Width 65 cm

Depth 55 cm